By: Sarvin- Bahoz

A call for deterring the Iranian state and punishing it internationally for itsterrorism
Dozens of Arab and non-Arab nations recorded the horrendous crimes and grave
aggressions committed by the Iranian state.
These crimes have either been committed on vicious racial motives or with the
aim of expanding clout, spreading terrorism, breaching the sovereignty and
undermine its security, openly threatening international peace and security.
There is no doubt that these hostile acts committed by the Iranian state against
sovereign countries and safe peoples or against the people who have been under
the Iranian occupation for decades, such as the Arab people of Ahwaz, the Turk
Azerbaijani people, the Kurdish people, the Turkmen people and the Baloch
people, led to lingering anger regionally and internationally towards this terrorist
state. This led to an atmosphere filled with concern and tension, given the
possibility of waging military actions which could deter the Iranian state and
bring its terrorism against peoples and countries to an end.
The international community has established the UN and all its affiliated
institutions, especially the UN Charter which could put an end to the grave and
horrendous violations being committed by the body’s member states, including
the Seventh Provision of the UN Charter, as they are convinced that they need a
tool to deter the rogue states and aggressors. This is a means to maintain global
peace and security and restore it.
Nobody can deny that the Iranian state has become a source for threatening
global peace and security and the biggest supporter for terrorism, which created
a state of concern and tension. The national forces representing the non-Persian
nations, represented in the here-under signed parties, assert the following:
First: The Iranian state bears responsibility for militarizing the Arabian Gulf
region and undermining the regional and international peace and security
through its unlimited financing and support for terrorism and setting up a
massive network of outlawed mercenaries, cells and militias and spreading them
in different countries with the aim of weakening these countries, targeting their
sovereignty and undermining its security and stability.
Second: since the Iranian state bears the responsibility of launching aggression
on dozens of countries and it is the first country to carry out subversive acts,
military actions, and assassinations through its cells, mercenaries and militias. It
is still doing this in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, Europe and other spots.
Therefore, we support all the regional and international measures aimed to
deter this rogue state, whether these measures are economic sanctions or
political or military actions.
Third: As we welcome the measures taken by the US administration against the
Iranian state and its fascist regime, including the economic sanctions, and
classifying the IRGC as a terror organization, we call on the EU member states to
take similar steps as this organization, the IRGC, is the prime perpetrator in a lot
of terror acts, and political assassinations which happened in several countries
as well as those committed on the soil of the different European states, which
constitute a dangerous violation to their security and stability.
Fourth: We condemn strongly the piracy and hijacking of British oil tanker, Stena
Impero by the Iranian regime in the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. We
declare our full support from the United Kingdom taking any step to stop the
illegal actions of Iran and destabilising of the Gulf and the region by this regime.
We call on the international community to support the struggle of our peoples
and respond to its ambitions for liberation from the domination of the Iranian
state and their aspiration towards the right to self-determination in accordance
with the UN charter in its first and twenty-fifth articles.
We call on all member states of the UN to give precedence to the principle of
fostering international security, peace and stability to bilateral relations with the
Iranian state and some economic interests. We also call on them to join any
international alliance aimed to deter the Iranian state and bring its violations,
aggression and crimes to an end, whether this alliance aims to punish the state
economically or militarily.